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Please make good use of the FREE DX Country and
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Current DXCC Country / Prefix lists
& 10 Band Checklists in various Formats

340 DXCC Countries
Lists updated 7th August 2013

Please see my News Page for the details
regarding the new E6 Prefix allocation for Niue.

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Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information

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WA7BNM Contest Calendar

Superb pages for contest information

World Contests Calendar and Related Information

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My 2014 Shack photo

My 2014 Shack layout

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I am a Life Vice President of the International Short Wave League (ISWL),
 So I am always keen to promote their Superb Awards Programme,
which is open to ALL Amateurs and SWL's world-wide.
( Including BC Band Listeners ).

The ISWL was founded in 1946 and is open to All
Licensed Amateurs and SWL's around the world.

Due to increasing costs of Postage, Ink, Paper and envelopes etc,
the ISWL has started an
Electronic membership, where their
monthly magazine is sent to members world-wide, via email as
a PDF file. This greatly reduces the membership subscription
rates. So please check out their Webpages for information.

Please click on either ISWL logo for more information

The Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society, of which
I am member RAFARS-855, will be celebrating
their 75th ANNIVERSARY during 2013.

Click on the above logo for a brief history.

Please keep an eye on my news Page for any RAFARS
events that will be QRV throughout this period.
Please let me have details of
your RAFARS activations

Are you eligible to join RAFARS?
Click the above Log to visit their webpage

Corporate Members
You may join as a Corporate Member if: You are serving
or have served with the RAF or one of it's Reserves.
OR You are,
or have been, a Civilian employed by the Ministry of Defence (Air).
OR You are an Officer, Cadet or Instructors in the Air Training Corps,
or the Royal Air Force section of the Combined Cadet Force.

Associate Membership
You may join as an Associate Member if:
You are, or have been, connected with a Commonwealth, NATO,
or Allied Air Force in either a serving or a civilian capacity.
You do not qualify for Corporate membership but, nevertheless,
wish to assist the Society in achieving its published Aims.

Check eligibility for membership and see their webpage
by logging onto:


I am also an Honorary member of the COBRAS..
( The City of Belfast Radio Amateur Society - GI2BX. )


I am an Authenticated
Gold Member and Recommend
as the way forward in QSL'ing.

Like it or Not, e-QSL's are here to stay!
Please Check to see if YOU have
any e-QSL's waiting for you.

Remember to check all of your callsigns
/A, /P, /M etc.

( A Tip: SWL's enter your number as shown on your normal QSL Card. )

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

Regular membership is FREE.


eQSL.cc "Regular" membership is FREE to all Amateurs and SWL's.

There is also a "Bronze", "Silver" and Gold Membership, where
you can chase their awards and receive other benefits of eQSL'ing.
The first two require an annual donation, or for a fixed fee, you
can have a Gold "
Life" membership.

Does your eQSL.cc membership allow
you to upload your own eQSL card?,
if so, why not get it professionally designed?.

click here for samples at inexpensive prices

This service is " Highly Recommended " by Pete.

All data modes can be great fun for both Ham's and SWL's.

It is easy to get started, with lots of free software and
friendly advice available from the various data groups.

Membership to the following 4 FREE groups is recommended
by Pete at the DX Newsdesk, as when I joined them, I got a very
friendly welcome from all of them.

PSK is one of the fastest growing modes on the HF Bands today.

Membership of the "European Phase Shift Keying Club" is FREE.
All Licensed Ham's and SWL's world-wide are welcome to join.

There is also a FREE awards programme, that will keep even the busiest
DX'ers occupied for a long time. Plus a very good contest programme.

Click the banner above for information

30 meters is an interesting band that is open for both DX and local
working, when other bands have little or no DX activity.

Membership of the "30 Meter Digital Group" is FREE.
All Licensed Ham's and SWL's world-wide are welcome to join.

A visit to their webpage is highly recommended

Click the banner above for information

There are lots of different data modes on the bands now
with the sounds of new modes appearing almost every day
and this club seems to cater for all of them.

Are you ready for all the new Digital Modes?.

Membership of the "Digital Modes Club" is FREE.
All Licensed Ham's and SWL's world-wide are welcome to join.

Click the banner above for information

Click the banner above for information

All Digitally active Hams and SWL's are welcomed
by this very active & friendly group of Amateurs.
Their Two simple conditions of membership are:
1) You are an EPC member. 2) You send out QSL cards.

Modern Digital modes require up to date software.
Some are expensive and very limited in what they do.

Below are a couple of FREE programmes that give you
all the latest Modes. Then if you like them you can send
a Donation to help support future upgrades etc.


My current favourite is Digital Master 780 (DM-780)
( Also known as Ham Radio Deluxe )


I like it because it has all the usual windows plus a
Super Browser" where you can see all the activity at
a glance. All colours and text sizes can be changed to
suit your own viewing preferences.


FLDIGI is superb FREE digital software for use on
all windows and Linux platforms.

It really is worth checking out, as it is easy to use.

( Download the correct software for your system )

Click here for an alternative link


I am NAQCC # 2649 and Lapsed FISTS # 4822

I have been a CW SWL since 1963. However I am taking some
time away from CW to give my ears a rest and to explore some
of the new Digital modes.

A lot of people around the world will tell you, that the use of Morse Code
is dying and is no longer popular with modern and new Hams.

If you believe this?, I suggest you tune around the Ham bands, when
a large world-wide CW Contest is taking place. (....Most weekends).

If you are just starting out, or building up your speed, most CW operators
will slow down to your speed, so do not send your CQ's faster than
the speed you want to receive back from them.

FISTS is probably the best known CW Club
throughout the world.

However, NAQCC membership is FREE and is open
to Hams and SWLs world-wide, who are interested in QRP CW.
Including a
very active European Chapter.

Free World Membership for all who are interested in QRP CW
Click the logo above)

The NAQCC also has a very active European Chapter.
(Click the logo above)

UK FISTS = International Morse Preservation Society

Incorporating All other FISTS groups:

U.S. FISTS = International Morse Preservation Society

VK / ZL FISTS = International Morse Preservation Society

East Asia FISTS = International Morse Preservation Society

The W.U.S.T. Award
(Worked all U.S. Territories)

The W.U.S.T. (Worked all U.S. Territories) is a significant and unique award
and it requires submitting only 16 QSL cards with a user-friendly application.

The new DX award is available and is being offered / sponsored
by the Metro DX Club of South Suburban Chicago.

Some of the 16 WUST territories can be heard regularly, but many appear
on the list of the 25 most wanted countries and can only be worked during
a DXpedition to that location. Don't let this scare you away, however, beacause
you can qualify for the basic award by confirming only 14 of the 16 territories.

Click the link below for all the information:

John W9ILY is the Metro DX Club Awards Manager

(SWL Claims can also be submitted)

The Indonesia Islands Hunter Groups (IIHG)
consists of DXers who are interested in making contacts with amateur
radio operators in different islands of Indonesia. Membership of IIHG is
free and is open to all interested amateur radio operators and SWL world
-wide. There is no special requirements. IIHG sponsors several special
and attractive operating awards. The main award is the Nusantara Award.
The main goal of this award is to encourage amateur radio activities
from as many different islands as possible in the vast archipelago of
Indonesia. For complete details and rules on the Nusantara Award, visit
the following Web pages: http://www.nusantaraaward.com

(SWL Claims can also be submitted)


DX Atlas by VE3NEA

The ONLY Atlas you need in your Shack


If the band is open and nobody is transmitting, can anybody hear it?
PropNET is an ad-hoc wireless digital network established
by experimenters who are excited to explore new frontiers
in the invisible world around us.

Licensed Radio Amateur's transmit as "Probes", whilst
unlicensed individuals participate as receive-only stations
(SWL's) known as "Lurkers", reporting what they capture.

Any station that receives that transmission forwards the 'catch'
to an Internet server that plots the event on a map.

This is a very friendly group of Ham's and SWL's!

Click here for more information
and to download the "free" software from:


(Pete at this Newsdesk is sometimes a "Lurker" in "IO.90.BR")

DXCC Information on all current Entities
by Darek SP6NVK

With over 3,000 Pictures and 1,100 Maps

This is a superb (Free) reference point about each DXCC Country

British DSP Noise Cancelling Products

BH Instrumentation

I use two NEIM 1031 In-Line Modules and
a NES10-2
MKII Speaker in my shack

Graham has been very helpful whenever I have
contacted the company.

Telephone:  + 44 (0)845 217 9926 for good advice and service.
- Please mention this link if you contact them.

Do You Want Modern Software For Your
Kantronics and PK Modems?

Then have a look at:

This Software will run in Windows XP,
Vista and other modern sytems.

The Radio Operations Center (ROC)
has put new life into my Kantronics KAM

( Formerly called PacTerm and PKTerm )

Click on the CSS Logo above to
Download a FREE 1 Month Trial Version Now,
to see if it will Revive your old Modem

Rick W4PC was very helpful when I contacted him.

Please mention this link if you contact CSS.

John G0DPC has produced a Free toolbar that allows you to access
a very useful collection of Amateur Radio and SWL Information.
Including Articles, Cluster Spots, Propagation Info, DX News,
Call Sign Searches, Zone Maps  .....and a whole lot more.

Why Not Give It a Trial Run Now?


DXtreme Software

This site has modern logging Software for
Amateur Radio operators, Shortwave DX'ers,
Shortwave listeners, Broadcast band DX'ers,

VLF DX'ers VHF, UHF, and TV DX'ers
and is definitely worth a visit

Book Release in Mid April 2013
In mid April 2013, Pete - SM5GMZ - released another photo book.
This time itís about the DX-pedition to Saint Brandon in 2007, where Pete was one of
the 20 operators who together managed to work 137,500 QSOs during an absolute
sunspot minimum. The book consists of a large number of images, all in full colour.
In texts, Pete describes how it is to be on an uninhabited atoll in the middle of the
southern Indian Ocean, where nothing but amateur radio and satellite phones work.
10% of the proceeds go to the Five Star Dxers Association (FSDXA).
More info at: www.3b7cbook.com

Thanks for dropping by these pages.

I hope you have a great time on the bands
May all your DX be exotic and promptly QSL'd!

Vy 73 de Pete at the DX Newsdesk
in Bournemouth, Southern England.


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